Workshop Blog


7th - 10th July



Most weekday work in the workshop is taken up by our top priority, Adiela, at the minute and so this is a rather big and combined first post! The main job carried out on Monday was taking apart and re-fitting Adiela's wheels and axleboxes so some minor fettling could be carried out to allow her ride height to be lowered. These are now in for good. Through out the week from Monday, Ryan, and often Liam and Rhys, stopped behind when Matt and Michael went, carrying on with the overhaul.






Tuesday morning saw Michael softening some rivets he had made for Adiela's new cladding fasteners. This will hold it more securely and make it easier to fit, leaving the boiler bands as purely cosmetic items. Ryan found the time to paint the white rims on the wheels, finishing their repaint completely. Overnight, he had also done some more painting on the nameplates and the headlight.






The tenders repaint (minus coal space painting) was finished with the white hand rails being painted.









The cladding fasteners were fabricated and riveted to the cladding before fitting (which was done before the end of the day). Ryan also took the opportunity to paint the backhead of the boiler high temperature black followed by painting the final coat on the inside of the cab, the inside the cab roof and then the air tank.















Upon arrival on Wednesday, it was found Ryan had painted the rear of the frames and the trailing truck frame gloss black which smartened it up considerably.

The new steam pipes were bent to shape and now only need tacking/brazing to the flanges to be fitted for good. As you may notice, for this season at least, Adiela will be coming back on wet steam rather than superheat.

The regulator valve was also fitted , completing the regulator assembly bar the handle, followed by the fitting of the bell, welding of one of the ladders back onto the footplate and a start made on re-fitting the slide bars. Ryan also found time to paint the backhead in HT black.












By Thursday morning Ryan had painted Adiela's front end (minus the white) and fitted her boiler bands, making her look yet more like and engine. The simplex steam pump had also been cleaned up from its rather oily state.

The main job achieved by Matt and Michael was finishing the tender off by making and fitting the new bunker side plates. The tender was subsequently moved back to the railway later in the week.