Workshop Blog


17th - 18th July

The 17th of July saw the much anticipated completion of Adiela's overhaul. At around 3pm, she was loaded onto the trailer and moved to the railway where her arrival was met with some very excited faces. She was hastily steamed up whilst Mountaineer continued to run the service. A few leaks were found which were seen to the next morning. Once in steam, she moved off shed, but due to her lowered ride height, her cowcatcher caught on a few of the checkrails, in particular the Whistling Crossing check rails. She made a brief trip to the station to pick up water and back to the shed.

Once public service had finished for the day, Adiela was ran back and forward between the sheds and Privet Hedge a number of times, giving everyone who has worked on her much satisfaction.


The next day, the aformentioned leaks were rectified before steam was risen. Her cowcatcher was then removed to allow her to pass over the checkrails. This is anticipated to be refitted at a higher height at a later date but it is not confirmed yet. She then made her first trip down the line for 4 years, a happy moment for everyone. Afterwards, she took over passenger services from Mountaineer. Following a few trips, she was passed for service, relieving the stress on Mountaineer.

On Monday the 21st, she pulled a number of full, seven coach trains, driven by Ryan and Matt.


Mountaineer is now anticipated to leave the railway on Friday the 25th for the workshop so work regarding its possible steam pipe blockage can be seen to. Hopefully, it should be back within a few days.