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No 8 Rockclimber

Type: 4-Wheel Petrol Hydraulic

Date Built: 2011

Builder: Michael Henderson/Matt Nunn

Engine: Lister D

Colour: Mid Brunswick Green

Current Status: In Service

First conceived in 2007 and started that winter; Rockclimber was inspired by the Engineers Emporium Auto Trolley but with funds not allowing the purchase of such a locomotive, a new build was decided upon. The park renovations of 2008 halted work for a time but Rockclimber was eventually completed in 2011. The motivation for its construction was to create an instant start locomotive to carry out civil engineering work and shunting, though it has also done its fair share of passenger work off peak and alongside our steam fleet. Due to its “workaday” nature, Rockclimber currently carries a work-worn patina and is yet to have its bonnet fabricated and fitted among other finery when its next turn in the works arrives.

In April 2017, Rockclimber became the first locomotive to visit another railway by attending the Downs Light Railway's 90th Anniversary Steam Gala, out performing its owners every expectation and certainly living up to its name by deadlifting four carriages, a bogie wagon and two LRR wagons out of the tunnel from a standing start up the 1in28 grade in the rain.


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